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    Was Mark Harris surprised that the workers weren’t Native American? Or even Native Southwestern American which let’s...
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  11. christmasonthemoon said: If I ever go to Epcot I’m going to suggest that–for accuracy’s sake–the America section be manned by underpaid people of color who are supervised by two or three extremely wealthy straight white men who occasionally attack other nations for resources
  12. soylenth said: It’s almost like he doesn’t think of people with brown skin as american. Hmmmm.
  13. turdsofmisery said: It’s shit like this that makes me look forward to a global collapse.
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    Jesus Christ on a cracker! Gasp! There are Mexican’s in America at Epcot? Maybe they should take a page from the Bush...
  15. blueberrykisses said: of course the comments would be off.
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    Ugh this guy
  17. mistersparkle said: “Ever see that scene in Scanners when that dude’s head blew up?”
  18. 360cub said: I was served by an Aussie in the UK’s tea shop… I was highly offended. Australians should be in the PUB serving drinks…
  19. chilitoserrano said: i can’t
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